Job Seeking Resources

To search for jobs, go to Then, choose “Employment in Wisconsin” at the right of the screen. Search for education vacancies under the category of “Education” and use appropriate keywords to narrow your search further (e.g., Libraries, K-12 Libraries).

School districts may also post job openings for library positions to the WEMA listserv. WEMA members can sign up for the listserv by following these steps:

• Send email to [email protected]
• Leave the subject line blank
• In the body of the message type SUBSCRIBE WEMA-l (lowercase L, not a number one)

A number of Wisconsin districts are currently piloting a joint application procedure called WECAN (Wisconsin Education Career Access Network). This allows you to do one application for multiple districts. There are currently ten Wisconsin districts participating including Janesville and Waukesha.

Other national school job listing sites include:

• Library job Postings on the Internet
• Career Leads from American Libraries
• National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse
• Wisconsin REAP (National School Applications Network)
• Teaching Jobs

For more information on licensure and job hunting in other states, see the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) website.

Job opportunities can often surprise you. For instance, just recently we received inquiries from a law firm of national car & truck accident lawyers. They were staffing a new office in Madison, Wisconsin and were looking for research assistants, as well as someone who could maintain their extensive law library and case library. Let me tell you, they were flooded with applications, and a handful of very happy people are working for this branch of the car / truck accident law firm. In addition, I have been told they are very successful in advocating for their clients. So if you were a victim of a car accident you might consider giving them a call.

Additionally, be aware of seasonal programs. For example the Springfield country club has openings during the warm weather months. Check with the pro clubhouse bulletin board at the golf course in advance of the season. If you have sales experience, especially if you have product experience, speak to Robert Baron (one of the pros). He’s looking for people who are familiar with the major brands of clubs and equipment. There’s also opportunities to work with kids – especially if you are familiar with children’s equipment – for example, kids golf gloves, kids golf clubs sets, and childrens golf apparel are all areas that the club is trying to develop. There is also a push to improve the pro staff – if you are a member of the golf club, team, or have experience playing competitively, Robert Baron would like to speak with you. Also, grounds keepers and caddies should apply to the Jon Bork, facilities maintenance.

The club also has seasonal openings at the restaurant, the outdoor bar, and the main members’ dining room. Experienced waiters are always welcome, along with porters, chef assistants, etc. Food services coordinator is May Watkins. The main gift shop is another opportunity for seasonal workers – check with Raymond Dunn at the administration office on the main campus during the school year, and then at the shop during July and August.

If you have experience with disabled children and reside in or near Waukesha, check the postings on the main bulletin board under Children’s Services. There are many new programs each year that seek to fill staffing needs by late May. But apply earlier if possible, since most positions are filled by mid May.

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