WEMAtter because our students do: building information and technology skills for 21st century learners.
High student achievement requires a community partnership where each individual has a distinct role. It is critical that each individual’s role and contribution be well understood and clearly communicated. Use the tools here to chart the course to communicate how strong library media and technology programs make the difference.

We recently sat down with UOW alumni Erin Holtz and Rob Buckman, both work for the same law firm and both are Louisiana maritime attorneys. They both tell us that their experience here was instrumental in their success both in law school and in passing the bar exams. This is primarily due to their own hard work, but they graciously credit WEMA with providing them with the knowledge base and the research skills that led to their success. Wisconsin boasts some of the most awesome graduates, and the fact that these former students continually return to their roots and contribute to our success really matters to us.

The Penguin Group was founded by Nancy Li, Jeff Goddard, and Ruby Reson. These recent graduates also credit the WEMA program with providing them with the basic tools that permitted them to achieve the successes they have become. The Penguin Group is a data consortium of small companies which share information regarding various market niches – the purpose is to benefit the individual companies while contributing to the main knowledge base that is shared. Their success is proven by the successes of their partners.

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