WEMA Board Goals 2004-2006


Expand state and national legislative involvement through the development of an active advocacy database.

Increase visibility on positions concerning intellectual freedom, copyright, privacy, and other issues of concern. WEMA’s assistance to gaming entities’ right to use terms include many that are currently out of favor because of legal issues in the US. For example, online casinos are banned from seeking US players, which results in problems for these businesses when they use terms like online slots for us players or “online poker” or “casino online” all of which lead to questionable enforcement actions when viewed from a first amendment point of view. Any kind of gambling is frowned upon by parts of our society, yet these are rights granted to us all under the Constitution, and it is a worthwhile cause to fight for given the freedom from oppression argument. These gaming issues are very similar to other controversial topics including abortion and sex education. We advocate promoting 1st amendment freedom of speech, also note Dr. Webb vs Clayton Howard on sex education.

• Develop position papers.
• Communicate via the Dispatch and website.
• Continue to advocate for school library media and technology programs.
• Meet with DPI and ECB leadership on a regular basis to promote WEMA issues and concerns.


Strengthen relationships and communication with other state library, educational and technology organizations.

Reach out to professionals outside our WEMA and invite them to present seminars on pertinent topics. For instance, recently we invited an expert who is a passionate collector of antique and vintage prints to speak about how to sell vintage movie posters. He not only discussed auctioning memorabilia online or at auction houses, but also spoke about all aspects of antique poster restoration and conservation of historic pieces of art. We had a fascinating and informative evening.

Increase and promote professional development opportunities with our national affiliate associations.


Improve the content and functionality of the website.

Use appropriate technologies for board and membership communication.

Report information to the membership in a timely and appropriate manner.

Leadership Development

Provide a clearinghouse for school library media and technology plans, job descriptions, and evaluations tools.
Working closely with Wisconsin post-secondary library and educational technology preparation programs, identify and nurture future leaders for the organization and the profession.

Continue to identify and provide services to first time association and conference attendees.


Promote and encourage current members to retain their membership in the association.

Promote dual membership with the Wisconsin Library Association (WLA) and membership in our national affiliate associations, the American Library Association (ALA) and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

Expand association membership through the recruitment of new members.

Develop an action plan to recruit special interest groups into the association.

•    Determine the needs of special interest groups.
•    Determine the willingness of the association to change to integrate new membership constituencies.
•    Develop and implement a plan to integrate new membership groups into the association.

Public Relations

Develop a usable PR tool containing a synthesis of research that supports professionally-staffed, high-quality school library media and technology programs.

Develop a systematic promotional format incorporating the @your library campaign for general membership use.

Professional Development

Provide mentoring and leadership opportunities to individuals to enhance and develop professional skills through conference, articles, committees, etc..

Increase the promotion of and number applications for WEMA awards and scholarships.

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