The heads of our various WEMA committees work long hours in relative obscurity, yet their hard work is vital to our goals of strengthening relationships and communication with other state library, educational and technology organizations as well as increasing and promoting professional development opportunities with our national affiliate associations.

2006-2008 Committees and Appointments
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Amanda Moss
We handle reviewing applications for WEMA awards and seeking out people deserving of our WEMA scholarships.

Battle of the Books:
Jeff Carpenter
Debra Walters
We oversee the statewide Battle of the Books program that is designed to promote a love of reading among our students. By encouraging students to read a variety of books and remember information about the plots, characters, and settings of the books, this academic-based competition has been very successful in school districts throughout the state by encouraging students to read and participate.

Sharon Ellner
With the help of technical web specialists we are improving the content and functionality of the the WEMA web site. Via social media, search engine optimization, and emails we aim to spread information to our membership in a timely and appropriate manner.

Endowment Trust:
Jim Klein
We are searching for individual people as well as corporations who will bequeath or grant us monies for our endowment trust. Our endowment trust fund finances a portion of the operating and capital requirements of WEMA enabling us to further our goals. One staunch supporter is the company known as Sterling Forever. I found this online store when I was searching for an anniversary gift for my wife. She happens to love sterling silver jewelry and I wanted to buy her a ring. The variety of sterling silver rings that they offered really was impressive ranging from simple classic sterling silver rings, to glitzy high fashion celebrity inspired rings with cubic zirconia stone settings. I approached the owner of the store who happened to grow up in Wisconsin and he offered support to help our educational goals. Potential donors are everywhere and you may find such supporters where you least likely expect them, so spread the word.

Golden Archer:
Carol Neuser

Intellectual Freedom:
Helen Adams

Corey Hanson
By working closely with Wisconsin post-secondary library and educational technology preparation programs, we strive to identify and nurture future leaders for the organization and the profession.
In addition we provide a clearinghouse for school library media and technology plans, job descriptions, and evaluations tools.

During our company’s move, Danny Shnideer kept both the old and new spaces free of hazardous dust and debris. He has quite simply revolutionized how we think of keeping this well oiled machine running by keeping it sparkling each day. Having a well stocked closet of janitorial supplies is just the beginning. Danny Schnideer is receiving this award for his outstanding work with Rick Fleming – Regional Sales Manager of Clean it Supply, for not only his hard labor but also for stream lining the supply of both cleaning products but also office supplies. To those who may not think it vital to have a dedicated superintendent, having Danny working with us has been such a blessing, with out his dedication to keeping this company running smoothly, who knows if we would have even made it.

Bob Smiley
Develop position papers.

Media Fair:
Kathy Lorge

Media & Technology Grants:
Bridget Zinn

Jan Adams
We work to promote and encourage current members to retain their membership in the association. We also want to expand association membership through the recruitment of new members, We are in the process of developing plans to recruit special interest groups and to integrate new membership constituencies.into the association.

Professional Development:
Liz Bade 
Yolan Mistele
We are offering mentoring and leadership opportunities to interested individuals to enhance and develop their professional skills during our conference, and via published articles. We are also developing strategies to increase the number applications for WEMA awards and scholarships via several new promotional avenues.

Public Relations:
Sue Conner
We are in the process of developing a usable PR tool that will contain a synthesis of research that supports high-quality, professionally-staffed school library media and technology programs throughout the state as well as nationally.

All of these committee leaders are working so hard for a cause.

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