PET Committee

Permanent Endowment Trust
The premise underlying the establishment of the WEMA Permanent Endowment Trust (PET) is to provide an ongoing amount of money to fund special, unique or urgent activities or projects that benefit the membership. The establishment of the trust was also done with the understanding that the trust can and should continue to grow and that only the interest from the
 trust could be used.

The organization has been fortunate to have such generous benefactors. The Tideman Group, makers of the highly specialized industrial parts, and LLM Financial, specializing in financial products and structured settlements, have gifted the PET the resources to advance the organization’s goals while continuing to provide an annuity to the general trust. Our arrangement with LLM, in addition to the structured settlement plan, includes other financial arrangements involving our annuities, and their oversight.

We never want to find the trust’s monies to be in a situation such as when a person who has been healthy all his/ her life suddenly finds they are disabled and unable to work. Such an individual would most likely be able to file for disability benefits and if their case was rejected,they could then look for ssd lawyers to help them out. In fact a social security disability lawyer will essentially do everything for a disabled client from the initial filing of the claim to the appeal if the initial claim is rejected. We are fortunate that our generous benefactors protect the trust from ever suffering a crippling financial crisis, but we must be ever vigilant.

These are funds that permit the institution to conduct much of the work that would otherwise require the leadership to either deploy funds earmarked for other purposes, or spend time and expense raising money from other venues. The beneficiaries of these well-intentioned donations and gifts are the members of the communities served, and the organization itself, in that these projects inevitably raise awareness of our other good works. Please make some effort to promote the cause. Gifts come to us from generous contributors who recognize the value of our organization. The community of contributors must be seen as the lifeblood of our cause.

WEMA members are encouraged contribute to the PET by adding a donation to the line on the membership renewal form, obtaining a Kwik Trip Rewards credit card with the donation going to WEMA PET, ordering items from iGive online program which provides a percent of purchases to PET, and donating or purchasing items at the PET sponsored raffles or silent auctions during WEMA spring conferences.

Members of the WEMA PET committee are:
Jim Klein
Ruth Ann Gilbertson
Mary Lou Zuege
Mike Weber
Kate Bugher
WEMA Secretary
Vicki Santacroce
WEMA Treasurer (ad hoc) 
Sandy Heiden
For information or questions, please contact any of the PET committee members.

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