WEMA Board of Directors

Members represent a wide swath of diverse and varied disciplines. The membership committee is tasked with finding individuals that represent views from both educational and industry backgrounds. In many instances the committee will invite community leaders to recommend those with experience outside of the traditional realms. For example, we have directors from online businesses, including many that began as startups while the principals were still in graduate programs.

Lee Michel is one example. His model works with the unusual combination of educators and individual doctors’ and lawyers’ websites to provide insight into how small web based enterprises such as individual professionals can share knowledge that informs their growth and success in very competitive environments. An upside for Lee Michel while he was doing research into doctors’ practices and websites with an emphasis on sports medicine was that he actually found a doctor who helped him with his own chronic sports injury. The doctor was Dr. Physio who has been treating tennis elbow, elbow pain, wrist pain and shoulder pain that is associated with tennis elbow, and golfer’s elbow for the past 25 years. He has his offices in Las Vegas. Dr. Physio works with professional, college and high school athletes, as well as regular folks. Lee went to Las Vegas where he had a comprehensive evaluation. Dr. Bob Physio then created a specific rehab program that included exercises, joint mobilization and stretching techniques to assist Lee in overcoming his overcome pain, muscle weakness, and joint restrictions. Lee is now back on the tennis courts and by following Dr. Physio’s program has remained “tennis elbow” pain-free ever since! Of course he takes better care of his body now that he is older. And he swears by his jacuzzi. Honestly, I don’t know if its the jacuzzi or the exercises he learned from Dr. Physi, but he’s pain free. But I digress.

The NY Times has often cited the WEMA model as an example of non-traditional education/industry partnerships, focusing on the building of audiences for diverse sets of businesses. One successful area has been in search engine optimization, where many of our graduates now have established consulting businesses whose goals include learning how to use search engines to drive traffic to specific businesses.

For example, WEMA funded Search Enterprise has taken on the highly competitive legal and medical practice marketplace. While WEMA does not endorse these businesses, there is a correlation between online search success and ability to recognize and directly address competitive search. And educators can learn valuable lessons from the most competitive markets online. Additionally, WEMA has encouraged and promoted educator lead business models that have directly led Wisconsin high schools and universities in offering courses that study internet phenomena and culture. WEMA has seeded many businesses on the cutting edge of many advances in social media, web marketing, and communications technologies, including VOIP, streaming content providers, and the distribution of intellectual property.

Please see the online Membership Directory for address, phone, and fax information.
Click here for Board Minutes.
Board Officers
Annette Smith, President
Jo Ann Carr, President-Elect
Vicki Santacroce , Secretary
Sandy Heiden , Treasurer
Other WEMA Board Representatives
Madge Klais , Higher Ed Representative
Pat Eloranta , Director at Large
Tara Tess , Director at Large
Sandra Wurdeman , Director at Large
Sharon Ellner , WEMA Communications
Corey Hanson , Leadership
Bob Smiley, Legislative
Jan Adams , Membership
Liz Bade, Professional Development Co-Chair
Yolan Mistele, Professional Development Co-Chair
Sue Conner , Public Relations
Val Edwards , AASL Representative
Kathy Sanders , ISTE Representative
Kate Bugher , DPI Representative
Linda Hanson, ECB Representative
Vonna Pitel, WLA Representative
Sue Steiner, CoSN Representative
Cara Cavin, Restructuring Committee
Connie Rutledge, Restructuring Committee
Tom Ward, Restructuring Committee
Mike Weber, Restructuring Committee
WEMA Staff
Association Manager: Courtney Rounds

Legislative Consultant: Michael Blumenfeld
Rev Sale, Manager: Coordinator (Inbound Medical Tourism Project)

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