Advocacy – Be Informed – Be Heard
We must speak in a unified voice. In an increasingly complex world, with strong competition for state and national funding, the library community must speak – and be heard.
Our 2006-2007 Advocacy Plan lists the various positions we have taken as a professional organization. Specifically, we have developed a position paper on the 65%/70% Funding Solutions proposed by various legislative members. Position papers on Maintenance of Effort and Statewide Contracts are also available.
At the national level, we are supporting efforts to defeat TABOR-like resolutions aimed at restricted funding choices for schools. You can down a copy of this resolution here.
As an organization, WEMA is active politically. We lobby locally, statewide, and nationally for policies and funding in support of
•    Public School Libraries
•    Public Education
•    Public Libraries
•    Educational Technology

Libraries should make use of technology to advocate and publicize needs using high level seo techniques to make sure our voices are findable in the search results. Making use of technology is one of the most productive ways we can spread the word, and do so directly to the audience that matters.

State of Wisconsin Programs and Services
Department of Public Instruction – Instructional Media and Technology Team 
Every resource imaginable is listed within this extensive site.

State of Wisconsin Legislature Information and Links
Wisconsin Legislature Homepage
Use link to learn more about Wisconsin’s Legislative activities.
Wisconsin Legislative and Congressional Directory
Find your legislator and contact them.
Wisconsin Assembly Members 
Click here to learn more about the State Assembly.
Wisconsin Senate Members 
Click here to learn more about the State Senate.
Wisconsin Assembly Committee Members 
Who’s on what committees?
Wisconsin Senate Committee Members 
Who’s on what committees?
Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau
A nonpartisian agency, serving the WI Legislature since 1901.
Wisconsin Political Issues Updates 
An updated list of the issues before the State.
The Wheeler Report
A fantastic resource of political activities.
Legislator Financial DIsclosure Information
This is an extensive PDF file containing information on State of Wisconsin Legislators and their financial information. This is a 404-page document and it may take some time to download. The document is searchable with a PDF viewer such as Acrobat Reader.

Library Organizations
Wisconsin Library Association
WLA maintains a comprehensive list of State of Wisconsin library organizations, and is itself an active lobbying organization. There are many resources listed within this site to explore. 

Michigan Association for Media in Education
MAME is an independent, professional association of library media specialists dedicated to educational, literary and technological excellence in library / media services in Michigan’s schools.

Minnesota Educational Media Organization
MEMO has created an extensive Web site with many resources for the professional library media center.
New York Library System
This Web site has many well organized advocacy resources.
Organizations of Educators and Educational Leaders
Wisconsin Retired Educators’ Association
The Wisconsin Retired Educators’ Association is a statewide organization representing retired educators. WREA takes legislative positions related to its priorities and monitors legislation. 

Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools 
The Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools (WAES) is a diverse, statewide coalition working for comprehensive school-funding reform.
Milwaukee Inner-City Congregations Allied for Hope 
MICAH is committed to strive for quality public education in the city of Milwaukee, working to ensure the future of each child.

School Administrators Alliance 
SAA is a broad collection of educational leaders who work to represent the interests of all Wisconsin school children.
Wisconsin Education Association Council 
WEAC represents the teacher’s unions throughout the State of Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Association of School Boards
WASB represents the school boards throughout the State of Wisconsin.

Related Groups
Wisconsin Alliance of Cities 
The Alliance works closely with the city managers and mayors of member cities to advance legislation favorable to the families living in our communities. The Alliance seeks to promote a sustainable urban environment by supporting results-oriented legislation that invests in and enhances local economies and infrastructure.

Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin 
MEUW is a state association representing 82 locally-owned, locally-controlled, municipal electric utilities in Wisconsin. MEUW has recently lobbied successfully for local communities, including schools, to retain the right to install and manage telecommunication access facilities.
Wisconsin Politics 
Wisconsin Political News Service

Alternative Information Sources
AlterNet finds, evaluates, aggregates and organizes links to the best journalism, policy analysis and Web sites on a range of pressing issues, from globalization and grassroots organizing, to the war on drugs and genetic engineering. This is an award winning site not tied to traditional journalism sources.
In his essay titled, “In Defense of the Book,” William H. Gass writes: “The library is meant to satisfy the curiosity, provide a place for the lonely where they may enjoy the companionship and warmth of the word. (The Library) supplies handbooks for the handy, novels for insomniacs, scholarship for the scholarly, and makes available works of literature to those people they will eventually haunt so successfully

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