Updated WEMA Resources

While WEMA is not actively maintaining this website, we have provided the existing pages as well as offering updates as time allows. As a service to those with old or outdated links to this site, we’ve decided to provide some resources for further information:

  • The WEMTA (Wisconsin Education Media and Technology Association) website (http://www.wemtaonline.org) is bigger and better than ever, be sure to stop by. Many if not all of the resources that you may be looking for on these page will be offered in more current form on the WEMTA site, and many more besides.
  • For a more national resource, consider exploring the website of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, or AECT (http://www.aect.org). Of particular interest is the 2011 AECT Convention (Celebrate 3.0: Design, learn, Community) in Jacksonville.
  • For those of our fellow Wisconsin readers who may be experiencing issues with mortgage default or home refinancing, there is plenty of assistance and general good information to be found at the Wisconsin Homeowners Alliance (http://www.homeownersalliance.org/) webpage.
  • And, of course, good ol’Wisconsin.gov (http://www.wisconsin.gov) provides a high-quality State resource site for her citizens, covering all manner of information and links to educational, employment, and even lottery results.

The current owners of this website have no connection to WEMA, and make no claim of authorship or copyright to any of the reposted material provided on these pages. Likewise, we cannot vouch for the accuracy or currency of this information, and have no way of contacting any of the people named in this material.

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